Preservation of Cellular Therapies

2024 Course: May 13-14th

Minneapolis, MN and Online

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Currently 1.2 million patients are receiving treatment from regenerative medicine products produced by 171 companies with a capital value of ~$4.7 billion.  Most molecules, cells and tissues are collected at a given time and location for use at a later time. Therefore, our ability to stabilize biological properties (e.g. viability, biomarkers) during transportation and long-term storage is a critical technology.

The preservation of cellular therapies is the central focus of this professional short course. Come learn about fundamentals of preservation, protocol development, design of a storage facility, regulatory issues associated with preservation of cell therapies, clinical issues and more.


The course is appropriate for manufacturing engineers, managers as well as technicians who work with cell-based products: cell banks, biobanks, companies that use cell-based assays, cell therapy companies, regenerative medicine companies, hospitals or cell therapy laboratories.  The course material is designed for those who have little experience with preservation as well as those proficient in preservation who are interested in improving their practices.

Lecture topics:

  • Fundamentals of cryopreservation
  • Protocol development
  • Regulatory issues in cryopreservation
  • Designing a storage facility
  • Containers, reagents and equipment
  • Emerging issues in preservation of cell therapies
  • Clinical cell cryopreservation
  • Quality control

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Recommended text:

Preservation of Cells: A Practical Manual by Allison Hubel

Preservation of Cells: A Practical Manual | Wiley


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